Tuesday, April 10, 2012

the most expensive Farkle machine

My mom has had an iPad for about a year. She loves the thing and, I have to admit, she's pretty proficient on it for her age generation. So, to prepare for their big international journey, my mom hooked my Grandma up with an iPad also. 

Considering my grandma has never even owned a computer, I was pretty impressed with how quickly she took to it. And throughout their visit, it wasn't unusual to walk in on sights like this before these two went to bed. 
Of course, since my grandma doesn't have internet or a need for email or anything like that, most those features are all lost on her. So in the end, she pretty much owns one expensive Farkle machine (she also really likes "those Angry Birds").  

It also inspired my next entrepreneurial endeavor: 
Emily's iPad Instruction for the Elderly


Alex Butts said...

can i hire you to give my mom lessons for her new iphone bc shes driving me nuts about it and i dont have the patience

Jenni Austria Germany said...

"those angry birds"!!! hahaha!!

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