Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Schnitzel, pt. 1

When my mom and grandma were visiting, I wanted them to get their fill of traditional German food as well as the local specialties. So we hit all the standards:

we had currywurst

we had bratwurst

we had some amazing ice cream

we had some waffles on a stick

we had a big German breakfast

but, most importantly, we had schnitzel! 

I think we had schnitzel about 3 times during their week here - they were in love! We tried Jägerschnitzel, Bauernschnitzel, Zigeunerschnitzel and Schnitzel wiener Art.* And, according to my mother:
"What could be better than a frickin' Schnitzel?!"

*Fun fact: a schnitzel is only a "wiener Schnitzel" if it's made with veal.
Schnitzel prepared the same  way, but with any other meat is merely a 
"Schnitzel wiener Art" which basically means "Schnitzel of the wiener variety"


Jenni Austria Germany said...

hahah!! i smiled through this whole post. oh, pammy!

Alex Butts said...

get in my belly.

seriously, and here people thought germany was only sausage and pretzels :)

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