Saturday, April 14, 2012

Flowers, pt. 1

After my mom and grandma left, I had just one week before my next visitors arrived. Not much time to achieve anything, you might think. I, however, seized the opportunity to kill my flowers. 

See, I've never been able to keep a plant alive.  When I water them, it's too much, when I don't, it's too little. I have a knack for finding exactly the wrong place in the room to put a flower - too much sunlight, too little, too warm, too cold. 

About a month ago, though, I was feeling very motivated to try to keep a flower alive. So I hopped over to Ikea (I mean, where else do you buy flowers?!) and picked up the prettiest flower I could find!
Side note: That's my favorite flower pot ever! I made it during my decoupage phase in Switzerland and I love killing keeping flowers in it! 
And for a while it went really well. My flowers got sunlight, I watered them regularly. And they bloomed even more. 

Then.... Then it all went wrong. Suddenly I was finding shriveled blossoms everywhere. I tried watering more, I tried watering less, I tried more sun, I tried less sun. It only got worse. Eventually my beautiful flower pot looked like this. 

After those flowers were declared dead, I headed back to to pick out the next victim. This time, I went for more of the cactus variety. Sure, it's a little unusual looking - I've been calling it my Dr. Seuss plant - but I'm hoping it will hang in there! 

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