Friday, December 17, 2010

'Tis the season... for pictures!

new Christmas pictures are up! click the link below for a glimpse of Christmas in Germany!


Last night around 6pm school was canceled for today due to an expected "enormous snowfall". At first it felt a little reminiscent of Georgia (you know, the "OMG it might rain AND be below freezing tonight - which is how snow is made. I think. Maybe... but we should cancel school anyway, just in case!" usually ending with a beautiful sunny winter day with highs in the 50's). But as Gemma and I left Bamberg around 12:30 last night, the previously clear streets were already buried under several inches of snow.

The snow continued all night and is still going strong right now (I've conveniently set up shop in the kitchen where I can face out the window as I type - watching snow fall hasn't gotten old for me yet). Gemma and I planned our snow day out last night on the way home from the train station - one mile, in the snow, uphill... no seriously - and it includes braving the winter storm to stock up on wine and camp out inside playing cards all day! I am very lucky to have been placed with someone who appreciates card playing just as much as me.

I've made a cup of my new tea - an "advent blend", a gift from a teacher - but it's actual tea leaves and this is my first time using a tea strainer, so I'm working on figuring out just how much to put in. Right now it's a little weak, but I have all day to tea test! I can easily say that watching the snow fall, drinking delicious tea, and the Sufjan Stevens Christmas CD make for a fantastic morning.

Short, but sweet. Trying to cater to the all the attention deficits roaming the internet.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

for real, a VLOG post!

dear internet, I appreciate your patience over the past month of no videos... but now the time has come to post a much much much overdue vlog!

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