Tuesday, April 24, 2012

That time we drank wine instead of beer

A couple months before, while walking around Dortmund, I had noticed a tiny little wine bar that looked super cute. I immediately made a little note of the place, because I knew it would be just up Patrick's alley for his visit. I know while he and Karrie were here, we did our fair share of beer drinking (as you well know by this point), but my brother is really more of a wine person, so one night we traded in the beer mugs for wine glasses.
The place is called der Weinkommissar (basically, the wine detective) and is just a little one room bar, not much bigger than the living room of our apartment. The wine was fantastic and the staff was so nice. They were so helpful as we pestered them with questions about the wines, trying to find just the right bottle to split! At one point, our waitress even said "I'll just open the bottle for you to try it, and if it's not what you want, you don't have to get it - I'll just take it home for me!" 
We had such a great time the first night, we went back the very next night. To be honest, we probably would have gone every other night after that, if we weren't leaving Dortmund after that. 

1 comment:

Alex Butts said...

I need to work there - the waiters just get to take home the wine? awesome!

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