Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My mom's REALLY not going to like this post.

Shortly after posting this post, I decided "why not do something that will make your mom even MORE angry!"

Just kidding, of course... I didn't really think that. But it's still what I did anyway. 

For several months, I'd been toying with the idea of getting my tragus pierced. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's that little bit of ear that kind of sticks out over your earhole. 
So the friday before my birthday, I decided a good present to myself would be to finally get it pierced. I had already googled studios in Dortmund and found the most legit looking place with the most reasonable prices and decided to stop on my way home from school. 

The whole experience was so much more unceremonious than I had been expecting. I mean, this was something I'd been thinking about doing for months, over which time I'd worked it up to a giant, life-changing decision in my mind, so can you blame me for expecting some fireworks or banners of congratulations or random people shaking my hand on the street. In reality, I couldn't have been in the studio for more than 15 minutes - 10 of which was spent waiting before or paying afterwards. For the 5 minutes I was actually sitting down with a giant needle held up to my ear, the piercer guy only said 2 words to me: "which side?". It really didn't hurt too bad. Maybe for about 30 seconds when he initially put the needle through, but after that it just sort of felt unusual, not painful. And to my complete surprise, there were no fireworks, no banners and no random handshakes. So went back to the front, paid and left. Of course, on the way home, I did text everyone I know

I've been in love with my new little piercing ever since. I was able to sleep on that side the first night and have had no problems with infection or anything. In fact, a month later and the only unexpected difficulty I've encountered has been wearing earbud head phones (but that has been getting easier the less swollen/sore it gets). 

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melanie.erwin said...

I love it, so cute! So what did your mom say? :)

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