Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Have you ever gotten so lost you didn't know what country you were in?

I have!

It was one of those "the size difference between Europe and the US makes everything really intriguing" kind of days when I headed out to point where Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands meet with a couple other ETAs.
Considering from my home in Georgia it's about a 13 hour drive to the next country, it's kind of a big deal to me to just hop on the train for a couple hours then just walk across the border,
Our journey to the Dreiländereck (this literally means the "3 countries corner" - the place where the 3 countries meet) involved taking a bus as close to the border as possible, then crossing on foot on a path through the forest. Easy-peasy! 
But it eventually became apparent that the path to the border was not as clearly marked as one would hope... Perhaps because it's sort of a geographic gray-area, and none of the countries want to take responsibility for putting up the signs. So after a couple wrong turns - we realized, not only did we have no idea where to go, we didn't even know which country we were in. This made things especially complicated when we crossed the path of 2 other hikers who could not give us directions because they only spoke Dutch. 

Eventually, like a beacon in the darkness, we saw these 3 flags rise over the tree line. It didn't really help identify which country we were actually standing in, but at least we knew it could only be a sign of our desired destination! 
So we made our own path straight up to the flags and only when we found this street sign did we all agree we had been wandering around the Netherlands for the last 20 minutes. 

To avoid further confusion, I've decided the obvious solution is to spray paint the borders on the ground. Clearly it's the only way. 

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Alex Butts said...

pahahaha too funny! i've always wanted to do the"i'm standing in 2 countries" so you could have done it with 3.... if only they ahd those spray painted borders

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