Wednesday, May 30, 2012

sixth graders' thoughts on [my made up version of] New York City

So for the past way too long (I think about 4 weeks now) I've been doing activities with New York City with my 6th grade class. Do I know anything about NYC? Not really, the last time I went there was about 16 (maybe?). But NYC is like the American Mecca to most my students over here, so I figured it would be more exciting for them. Besides, they'll never know that I was making it all up. 

Well anyway, aside from a watered down (read: made up) map of the city and an embellished (read: made up) description of [real] sites in NYC, it was a really good and resourceful lesson (oh sorry, this is hard to type while patting myself on the back). And it all ended with a small writing assignment for the kids to tell about their "week holiday" in New York City.

While I didn't get quite as many gems as with their first writing assignment, I still got a few hilarious ones I had to share. Seriously, the things kids think to put in these are just fantastic (and there are some adorably endearing language errors too):

"Later on Friday i'm on The Statue of Liberty , that was great for one time seeing but don't often. After i get shopping on 5th Avenue." 

"My week in new yourk was very good. we saw a lot of buildings. the empire state building and the national Statur of liberty. It was fun and i am happy, i hope you too." [The best part is, that's the entire letter!]

"When we left the plane i was very tired, because we had a Jet-Leg"

"At the first we went to the wall street, there are only walls! In the afternoon we went to 5th Avenue, a street. On Tuesday morning we went to the central park, there are sleeping people in the tree."

And for the record, my insides melt from the cuteness with the Jet-Leg sentence every single time I read it. 

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