Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mussels in Brussels

Did you know that Brussels had a reputation for mussels? 

I definitely did not. In fact, for the first week of Patrick's and Karrie's visit when they would go on about "mussels in Brussels" I assumed it was just because it rhymed, and who doesn't like things that rhyme?! 

Eventually I figured out the rhyme was a reality, and I was so excited to be partaking in such a cleverly named, culturally enriching meal as we took our seats at a restaurant called Chez Leon on our first night in Brussels. 

Did you also know that it is scientifically proven that meals taste exponentially better when they have catchy titles. And our Mussels in Brussels did not disappoint! 

It was my first time ever eating mussels, and I have to admit, they were delightful! Though now I'm just nervous that if I ever eat mussels again, I will only be let down. I mean, how could mussels in Dortmund or mussels in Atlanta or mussels in Нижнева́ртовск be anywhere near as good as Mussels in Brussels?

They can't, that's how. 

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