Monday, March 12, 2012

It's a known fact that chocolate comes from purple cows

At least if you're living in Germany. 
Milka is one of the most famous brands of chocolate in these parts. And if you've ever had a bar, it's not very hard to understand why! They run a pretty versatile list of standard bars - from my favorite Kuhflecken (literally "cow spots" a mix of milk and white chocolate... like the spots on a cow, get it?!) to Hazelnut (everything in Europe comes in a hazelnut version) to strawberry filling. But Milka also produces a variety of specialty flavors. Sometimes they're limited edition or sometimes you just have to go to the right store to find them. 

Over time I've been able to try some pretty unique flavors, so thought I'd share a few of the most unusual/delicious.

When I first saw the Oreo flavored Milka in September, I immediately turned my nosed up and scoffed. What a silly marketing ploy to get Oreo a little more publicity in this country. There was no way that they would taste a) anything like oreos or b) good.  

Turns out I was vastly incorrect on both accounts. The best comparison I can make is that Milka Oreo tastes like Oreo balls but less sickeningly rich. While the memory of my first bar is all sort of a blissful blur, I'm pretty sure it ended up looking something like this. 
according to me, Knister translates as pop-rocks. That's right, there is a chocolate bar with pop-rocks in it! And it's everything you could hope and so much more! This limited edition Milka birthday celebration flavor is probably my favorite Milka I've ever tried.  In between two layers of milk chocolate is a cake batter flavor filling with pop-rocks sprinkled throughout. So when you take a bite, the flavor literally explodes in your mouth! Unfortunately I only ever saw these treats once, bought the last 3 bars available and have never seen them again. 

Seriously, popcorn flavored chocolate. My first reaction upon seeing this was a big "?!" There was so much curiosity (how could the popcorn not taste stale? how did pouring liquid chocolate over popcorn not destroy the light fluffiness of each popped kernel? Just HOW?!), I had to buy it to find out more. Yet again I was pleasantly surprised. It tasted as if they had taken freshly popped popcorn and placed it safely in the chocolate not to be disturbed or go bad ever. And it was amazing. 


Chrissy said...

I just recently tried the oreo version, I reacted the same way when I first saw it last fall. I must say, I LOVE it!! So good!
Happy Monday xxx

Barbara said...

I've searched high and low for Milka in Australia and they don't sell them anywhere!! So annoying because it's the best! Would loooove to try all those flavours

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

Whoa I've never seen the popcorn one - must try that. I'm seriously obessed with teh Milka Schoko + Keke, oh so good.

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