Wednesday, February 22, 2012

how I ended up in at least 10 random facebook albums

When my friend and I bought our Karneval costumes last week, we were super excited, but honestly didn't expect them to be anything special to the tried and true Karneval-goers. I mean, we got them completely pre-made at standard department store on sale. 
Then we got to Cologne looking like this.
Trust me, we were not nearly the most intense people there - not even close. But I mean, a barrel of mustard (Senf in German) and a bratwurst on our heads... you have to admit we were looking pretty good! 
And much to our surprise, the people of Cologne noticed us too. We ended up taking pictures with countless people (we lost count around 10) who loved the costumes, and even more gave us an approving laugh of acknowledgement as we passed through the masses. All I could think is "we're gonna be on so many facebook profiles tomorrow!
Did I mention how practical our little Senf barrel was as a costume? First, you only have to slip on over whatever you want to wear. Second, any purse or bag fits securely inside out of harms way. 
The crowning moment of the evening, for me though, came later in the day when I realized my dinner also matched my costume! 
And it's great to know I'll get at least a good 10 years worth Halloween costumes out of this! 

p.s. Extra Scharf means extra spicy


Alex Butts said...

yep, NEED to borrow that outfit. You are definitely all over FB, and heck, maybe some people's blogs!

I wanted to go to Köln so badly for Karneval but it just didn't work out, hope you had a great time!

Kristen Hicks said...

My life is now complete! This is absolutely AMAZIIIING!!

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