Friday, February 17, 2012

Cold hands

Today a horrible thing happened. 
It started out a day like any other. I woke up at 9, sat in bed till 10 or so. Got dressed, ate breakfast, watched an episode of Buffy and caught the 11:42 U Bahn and rode it 25 minutes for a whole 2 lessons at school.
And that's where it all went down hill. Caught up in some intense solitaire action, I almost missed my stop. At the last second I realized we had stopped, quickly popped up, grabbed my bag on the seat next to me and headed for the door. 
I wasn't in the chilly February air for 2 minutes when I stuck my hands in my pocket only to be greeted by complete confusion, shock, followed by dreadful realization and encompassing depression.
I had left my mittens on the U Bahn. The U Bahn that just drove past into the great unknown. And these weren't just any old mittens. These mittens were hand-knitted by a friend almost 5 years ago as a going away present for my impending move to Switzerland.

I loved these mittens. I loved when it finally got chilly enough to justify wearing them. I loved that they reminded me of my friends back home and also my time in Switzerland. These mittens had seen the world with me.
They were with me inside a glacier in the Swiss Alps

They were with me in Stockholm

They were there when it snowed in Georgia

They held up up the sunrise on Tybee Island

They where there when I found the Atlanta booth at the Nürnberg Christmas market

They were even with me a couple weeks ago in Bremen.

But now, who knows where they are. My hands never felt so cold as my trip home from school today. I'll miss you, mittens, it was good while it lasted! 

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Anonymous said...

You should really go to the Kundencenter and ask if someone found them!

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