Monday, January 9, 2012

Welcome Back

What does one need after a week trip to Scotland that included:
an afternoon in Amsterdam
a very rocky ferry ride
beer-tasting with Budweiser on the menu
canceled trains
unexpected nights in England
fake mustaches
saying goodbye after a 3 week visit from my sister
afternoon tea 
pub crawls
marathons of the best TV show ever*
smuggling luggage over the weight limit on Ryan Air?

Oh, just a little US-imported comfort food. 

Don't judge me, I'm nothing without my Velveeta shells. 
*Nothing to Declare. Look it up, you'll thank me!


Bekah said...

welcome back and enjoy your mac and cheese! i'll have you know that you are partially to blame for my last impulse buy...i was at the "picadilly british shop" in heidelberg and saw cream of tartar and i somehow couldn't resist buying it. even though i rarely bake. but now i think your snickerdoodle recipe is on my to do list for the coming weeks.

Jordan said...

Dude I freaking love Nothing to Declare.

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