Friday, January 13, 2012

one in, one out.

I know the Christmas decorations have come down and I've promised lots of exciting stories from my trip to Scotland. But I just can't move on without one last Christmas market story. 

During Andrea's first week we went on a Christmas market marathon. Six markets in five days and I think I found my limit (trust me, I never realized I'd reach it!). One particular market, though, presented a very unique opportunity. 

The Münster Weihnachtsmarkt is actually 5 little markets spread out around the city center. And the night before we went to Münster we received a tip to head to the Kiepenkerl Markt and ask for "ein drin, ein draußen," which literally means "one in, one out."

Before I continue, you should know that sometimes I encounter things that live so up to absurd American stereotypes of Germany (singing along to David Hasselhoff over breakfast, ordering a beer before 1pm, things like that) that I just can't help but chuckle. This moment was one of them.

"One in, one out" is a shot - so what could possibly be so stereotypically German? Oh you know, just mini sausages hanging out of the shot. Well, one sausage in the shot and one out, to be exact (get it?!). So here's the drill: you eat one würstchen (sausage), drink the liquor, then finish it up with the other würstchen. 

What enhanced the experience even more was the the man at the stand. When I asked him to take a picture of Andrea and I with our sausage shots, he insisted he photograph the entire experience. So, thanks to the "ein drin, ein draußen" stand man, here is our first sausage shot experience. I hope the pictures help strengthen everyone's ridiculously inaccurate stereotypes of Germany!


*Lawlz, that smile! 

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Kristen Hicks said...

OH.MY.GOD. i love you! and i love Deutschland! and i looooove this.

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