Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tis the [official] Season

In the US, the Christmas season official starts the day after Thanksgiving. In Germany, the official season starts on the first advent. And that just happens to be today!

The Christmas season in Germany is a pretty amazing time. Between the Christmas markets and the lights and the delicious Christmas treats, it is one of my favorite seasons in Germany.
So to spread the Christmas joy, I'm going to be keeping my December posts Christmas themed. Trust me - there really is that much to say about Christmas in Germany! 

I'm also going to be highlighting some Christmas markets from last year that I neglected to post about (sorry, I just had bigger things to worry about last December). 

So get ready for Christmas to take over das Blog on December 1st. Until then, here is a clip of me playing at the Forchheim Christmas market with the Musikverein last year to get you in the Christmas spirit. And, for the record, it was so cold my valves were freezing as I was playing! 

1 comment:

Bekah said...

hooray for Christmas in Germany! I had my first Bratwurst and Glühwein of the season last weekend and i am one happy camper! i'm excited for your christmas-themed posts!

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