Wednesday, November 30, 2011

the importance of being resourceful

When I moved into my new apartment, the living room was a big empty room. See, the girl I replaced owned everything that had previously been in there, so when she went, it all went with her. 

After a few weeks (or so) of patiently waiting for the ordered couch to arrive, matching furniture at stores, and finding out just how expensive tables are (I mean, seriously, it's 4 legs and a slab), it was time to get serious putting the rest of the living room together. 

Enter: Ikea and Roller. Roller is like the German version of Ikea, perhaps a little cheaper, but same concept - buy the pieces and put it together yourself. So after the back breaking task of carrying the many heavy boxes of pieces of living room up 4 flights of stairs, we set to work building every piece of our living room. 

We built chairs, we built a coffee table, we rebuilt chairs. And as we were completing the final step of putting together the table we realized we were lacking the necessary tool to finish the drill. A wrench (spanner if your British). But we refused to let this stop us! We had come so far and had an entire toolbox of every random tool at our disposal (except a wrench, of course).

We tried a custom tool that came with another piece that was too large, we tried a nail remover. Eventually we found it - a wrench. But not just any old wrench. A giant plumber wrench.
The process was slow, but ultimately effective. At least, our table hasn't broken yet. And I have to say, even though we're still need to add the finishing touches of some plants and pictures, the result of our building is one of the nicest living rooms I've ever had! 


Jenni Austria Germany said...

emily! it's so nice!

Andy said...

yea it looks super amaazing! I want to come visit Hotel Ba-....Dortmund!

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