Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I've got bad news and good news

The last 10 days have been crazy. Of course I've been enjoying plenty of the good side of moving home: seeing old friends, visiting old places, enjoying being home. But it's also been incredibly busy.

Last week I had 2 and a half days of orientation activities before diving right into classes on Monday. Wanna know what I've already learned about grad school after two days? There is a lot of reading! These are the books I've got for one class alone (plus 5 more that aren't in the picture).
So here comes the bad news: posting is probably going to be sparse till I get into the swing of things.

But the good news (which is actually a little bit unfortunate for me): I'm way behind on my posting from the last 6 weeks of Germany, which means I have lots of exciting things to write about.

So for the coming months, instead of boring you about my reading lists and lesson planning, I'll be playing catch up with everything from Matthew's visit to Dortmund, our trip to Italy, my Scottish adventures, the return to Franken, Gemma's visit and the great journey home!

1 comment:

Alex Butts said...

Blogging is the worst procrastination from school ever. Get back in the swing of things - you're good to stay away for a bit. We'll mis you though!

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