Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I'm kind of a big deal

I know I've just got a little blog here. My 36 followers (while special to me) pale in comparison to the hundreds upon hundreds I see on some of my friends blogs. And yes, I do still get excited every time I see an email that someone left a comment on a post. 

But the bar has just been raised.

While working this weekend, a girl came up to me and the following conversation occurred: 

Her: Umm... this might seem creepy, but is your name Emily?
Me: ...yes... do I know you?
Her: I read your blog!

Yes, you understood correctly - random strangers recognize me from my blog! That absolutely made my night.  So excuse me while I go put my rockstar face on. 

1 comment:

Alex Butts said...

STOP IT! That is MEGA! Go girl!

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