Wednesday, November 7, 2012

alimento (yes, I do speak Italian) (not really)

I don't know what you think of first when you think of Italy... but I'm not gonna lie, my first thoughts are "WINE AND PASTA!" (and yes, I do think it in all caps). But unfortunately, Rome being a pretty very touristy city, food/wine prices can get unreasonably high. Luckily, after a good tip from our Hostel lady on the first day, Matthew and I found the secret gem of Rome. 

In this little are of the city (just across the river) food and wine is a plenty, and all for completely reasonable prices! I don't think we ever spent more than 10€ on our dinner and drinks for any one meal! 

Oh, and a tip... if you order a tomato salad, that is exactly what you'll get. 

Of course, on the nights we didn't feel like making the trek out there, we paid a visit to the grocery story across the street. 

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