Thursday, October 11, 2012

Holy mother of big churches!

Ok, so maybe "church" isn't the right monicker for likes of St. Peter's Basilica, but seriously guys - whoa! 

After heading back to Rome, Matthew and I knew we wanted to dedicate a whole day to the Vatican. We figured the Vatican museum would take up a large portion of the day - which it did - and heard that it's full of amazingly awesome art, artifacts, and what I generally refer to as "old stuff" - which it was! We Spent no less than 3 hours in that museum (and actually, it was probably quite a big long than that), and to be honest, it never really got boring. 
And we high-fived the Swiss Guard.... Not really. But I wanted to. 
But we new we had to make our way out to get into the Basilica. And man did we get our timing right! Not only did we walk in the middle of a mass (don't worry guys, the place is so massive, you could have about 15 different masses in there without anyone realizing it), which meant live choral music was floating ethereally throughout, but we even had the sunlight on our side, creating this wildly impressive trick of light as we walked in. 

so for the next, oh, probably good hour, we just walked around with mouths agape, impressed by the overwhelming awesomeness of it. And I, for one, could not get over just how massive it was! I think I just kept taking pictures hoping that one would capture the sheer size of the place. 

Matthew and I concurred afterwards, if you have only a short time in Rome, you definitely have to make it out to the Vatican! 

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Alex Butts said...

That church is insanity, pretty hard to beat!

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