Monday, July 23, 2012

the last three days and the next three weeks.

Oh hey! So it turns out, I was way better at blogging when I was busy and doing awesome travel adventures! Well, for the last three days I was doing awesome travel - not to new, far off places, but rather to an old home!

Katharina and I headed down south to Nürnberg and Forchheim to visit Gemma, say goodbye to friends there, and get our Annafest on. 

And in case I wasn't getting behind on blogging enough, I'm afraid I can only predict it get worse for the time being. See, in the next three weeks I have to pack my whole life into two suitcases, try to sell/get rid of what I can't take, make an almost 48 hour transatlantic Journey to get home, unpack and re-assimilate, and start my masters. 

But I'll do my best! And you can sleep peacefully at night knowing that Annafest and Franken and visiting everyone was just as amazing as I could have hoped! I'm so glad I made it back down for one last goodbye. 

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Alex Butts said...

seriously can't get enough of the beer festivals!

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